We are flexible capital providers and will make both strategic and financial investments consistent with our mission of Building Value to Last.


  • We prefer entrepreneur or family owned businesses, but are open to other structures.

Company Size

  • Our strategy is to evaluate companies with EBITDA of at least $5 million.


  • Because of our flexibility, we will consider both control and non-control investments.


  • Our preference is to invest in established proven cash flow businesses with limited technology or business risk.  We will also make investments in growing companies that are value add and strategic to our core operating businesses.


  • We prefer companies headquartered in North America.

Our Advantages

  • Our sole interest is in building great companies and maximizing long term value creation.
  • Our long term investment horizon, permanent capital and no need for liquidity, provides a distinct advantage over traditional private equity firms.
  • As a closely held family enterprise, we recognize the value of loyal long term employees.
  • We manage our employees and make new investments with a focus on our core principles of Integrity, Excellence and Mutual Respect.
  • We are able to leverage our deep operating experience to add value to the companies we invest in.

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