FJ Management, Inc. formerly known as Flying J Inc., is a Utah-based private holding company that manages a diverse portfolio of oil and travel-related assets under the company guiding principles of Integrity, Mutual Respect and Excellence. Founded in 1968 by O. Jay Call, the company continues to grow and prosper under the leadership and support of many.


FJ Management is committed to an organic growth and acquisition strategy that maximizes our vision of diversification. We concentrate on evaluating acquisition candidates that are strategically aligned with our current business investments, in addition to developing new business platforms that complement or expand our mission of Building Value to Last. Read more on our investments. Our focus is directed toward partnering with long term business owners whose demonstrated entrepreneurial ability provides a track record of sustainable growth in both top line revenue and profitability, exemplify high quality business ethics and, who have a desire to continue to expand and grow their business through our capital and corporate leadership. For additional information on FJ Management and our growth strategy, please contact us directly at info@fjmgt.com.

Building Value To Last

FJ Management’s mission is steeped in a tradition of managing our assets in a way that build long term value for our shareholders, our employees and our customers. We consider ourselves partners with each of our subsidiaries.  We seek and lead businesses that have a strong culture aligned with our principles – Integrity, Excellence, Respect – as well as long term growth and profitability potential. We use a flexible approach to business management, working to create win-win situations for both shareholders and employees. While each business has a unique mission and culture, we share a common set of values that create a lasting foundation. Our principles help us create a positive environment where we are able to attract and retain bright, engaged people who enjoy what they do and are comfortable challenging one another. We seek employees who strive to contribute to the overall success of the company. Each of our businesses provides work that is interesting and meaningful with reliable and stable employment for people to build careers and improve their lives. lobby



Crystal Maggelet

Chairman & CEO

Crystal Call Maggelet is the CEO and President of FJ Management Inc., a diversified family business. Its wholly owned subsidiaries include Maverik, a 260 convenience store chain, and Big West Oil petroleum refinery. FJ Management also has a minority stake in Pilot Flying J, the largest travel center operator in the U.S. In addition to her role Chair of the FJ Management Board, she is a director and Chair of the Audit Committee on the Pilot Flying J Board of Managers and a Director on the Savage Services Board. Crystal began her entrepreneurial pursuits in 1993 with the introduction of the Crystal Inn hotel company. In 1994 she and her husband, Chuck Maggelet, founded MacCall Management, L.L.C. to develop and manage hotels. She continued to be involved in the hotel company until 2009 when she became CEO of FJ Management. Crystal holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University as well as an MBA from Harvard. Recently Utah State University awarded Crystal an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Business. Crystal is actively involved in managing the family’s charitable giving through the FJ Impact Fund which focuses on education and scholarships. chuck-maggelet

Chuck Maggelet


As Chief Operating Officer and President for FJ Management, Chuck manages the investment portfolio and growth strategy for the company. Chuck received an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1991 and in 1993 married Crystal Call and moved to Salt Lake City. Together they built the Crystal Inn hotel chain opening the first hotel in 1994.  Soon after, Chuck started MacCall Management, a hotel management and development company. Over the next 8 years, MacCall Management built or acquired 11 hotels and grew the portfolio to 14 hotels and more than $26M in annual revenues. In early 2009, Crystal Maggelet was named Flying J’s Chairman, CEO & President, and Chuck was elected to its Board of Directors. Later that year, Chuck was elected Chairman of the Board of Flying J’s industrial loan charter bank, Transportation Alliance Bank. rick-bozzelli

Rick Bozzelli


Richard L. Bozzelli is Chief Financial Officer of FJ Management. Prior to joining FJM, he was Co-Founder of Capstone Capital, Inc. and Co-Founder, Executive VP & CFO of JH Berry Risk Services. Rick, originally from Philadelphia, earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, completed the International Tax Program at New York University Executive in Residence at Birmingham Southern College. He began his career in Public Accounting and practiced as a C.P.A. with a “Big 8” firm for over eight years. He was VP & CFO of a privately held $2.4 billion international conglomerate, having business operations in over 20 countries across over 40 diversified businesses. During his tenure there, he negotiated, closed and integrated over 90 global acquisitions, assisting in the company’s growth from approximately $200 million to over $2.4 billion. Immediately prior to co-founding Capstone, Rick was Director and COO of a Healthcare Services company providing behavioral healthcare services throughout the United States. Rick enjoys golf and traveling with his family. brett-bailey

Brett Bailey

General Counsel

Brett graduated from the University of Utah, cum laude (BA ‘88) in History and (BS ’88) in Political Science. That fall he entered Georgetown University Law Center in Washington D.C., obtaining his Juris Doctorate in 1991. As a member of the California Bar, Brett practiced law in Los Angeles for seven years and San Francisco for eleven years, gaining experience in litigation, environmental, real estate, and transactional work. In 2007, Brett joined Flying J Inc. as senior corporate counsel assigned primarily to Big West Oil, LLC, its refining subsidiary, and its pipeline business. He was advanced to General Counsel of Big West Oil in 2011. Brett helped guide Flying J through its bankruptcy proceedings in 2009 and 2010, leading to the restructured FJ Management Inc.  In 2012, Brett helped FJ Management acquire Maverik Inc.  He became General Counsel of FJ Management effective January 2013. Outside of work, Brett enjoys his family, hiking, travel, history, and hopes to take at least one perfect photograph before he’s too old to press the shutter release on his camera. amanda-poitra

Amanda Poitra

Chief Human Resources Officer

Amanda Poitra is currently the Chief Human Resources Officer of FJ Management Inc. Amanda started her career in Human Resources in 1983 working for ANG Coal Gasification Company. This was a $2.2B   world-class start-up operation designed to convert lignite coal to synthetic fuel. During this time, Amanda developed substantial experience in all phases of Human Resources, from recruitment to compensation and benefits to EEO and employment law expertise, employee relations, training and development, and other HR areas. After completing this successful start-up, Amanda continued working in the natural resources and consumer products industries with other start-up initiatives of similar scope and eventually expanded her leadership experience to Global Human Resources and Organizational and Leadership Development. She worked on six continents and dozens of countries implementing Leadership and Human Resources strategies. Amanda holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. She also holds Master certifications in Human and Organizational Development and Human Capital Strategist. Amanda is a mother and grandmother and loves spending time with her family. She enjoys golf, reading and traveling.

O. Jay Call Historical Images


O. Jay Call grew up in the gas station business working for both his father and his uncle. In 1965, Jay built his first station and a small store in Ontario, Oregon followed by another in Lewiston, Idaho. In the spring of 1968, he incorporated Flying J for the purpose of building and operating live-in, self-service gasoline stations. Jay was driven and his efforts proved to be successful. Between 1968 and 1973 Jay built 23 stations in California, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada. However, Jay was not limited to the oil industry. Through 1975 and 1977 Jay invested in other ventures to support the rest of the business: land development, restaurants, and hotels in Utah, Washington, and Oregon. Jay opened the first interstate Flying J Travel Plaza along with its Tamarack Restaurant in 1979. He did not shy away from risk; in fact Jay acquired companies like Husky Oil and Thunderbird that were predicted to fail but ended up being some of his most valuable assets. By the late 1980s Jay was less involved in the daily operations but maintained a strong advisory role at Flying J. He supported new business ideas, including a waterpark, hotels, and later the Crystal Inn hotel chain that he ran with his daughter. Unfortunately, in 2003, Jay’s life was cut short in a tragic plane accident. Following the untimely death and an unfortunate set of business circumstances, FJ Management sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December of 2008. This led to a complete reorganization of the company, which resulted in Crystal Call Maggelet taking the position of President and CEO. With new leadership and a strong reorganization plan that included the selling of assets and a merger between Flying J and Pilot Travel Centers, the company was able to make 100 percent repayment to all creditors in 2010. The company flourished with the establishment of an investment portfolio and the acquisition of Maverik – one of the country’s largest gas station chains. Today, Flying J Management is a thriving company focused on increased growth and success for its subsidiaries, as well as building value to last. FJM is an employee focused company, stressing integrity, mutual respect, excellence in its business dealings.


Student Scholarships and Collegiate Contributions

With a focus on building a better future, the company takes pride in supporting local colleges and their students through scholarships and other contributions. Scholarships are available to students at Dixie State University, Salt Lake Community College, Southern Utah University, University of Utah, Utah State University, Weber State University, and Westminster College. Our scholarship applications:

Dixie State University Salt Lake Community College Southern Utah University University of Utah Utah State University Weber State University Westminster College

FJM Impact Fund

FJ Management also manages the FJM Impact Fund focused on education and community giving. Over the past three years FJ Management has donated over $3.5 million through scholarships, significant donations to Utah State University’s Jon M. Huntsman School of Business and the University of Utah’s Eccles School of Business. The donations to both of the universities provide career focused centers, in order to facilitate student success. In addition, these and several other local universities have annual scholarships funded by the FJM Impact Fund.